Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services

Eradicating or controlling pests in and around your home or business premises is very important in promoting a healthy environment. If not controlled, pests could cause a lot of harm and be a threat to one’s health. It is crucial to identify signs that suggest when professional pest control in Colchester may be required to control the infestation. This blog will consist of signs that warrant professional help, including visible pests, droppings, noises, damaged structures, nests or hives, health concerns, and failed attempts at self-treatment. These signs should, therefore, be acted upon in order to avoid any further damage to property as well as help in preventing pests.

Visible Pests

Frequent Sightings: High frequency is another indication since this is usually a result of high pest activity. Frequent sightings of ants, cockroaches, rodents, or spiders mean that pests have entered your home and have made it their own. Such consistency of such presence means that the invasion is not occasional and random, as expected when it is a small problem and it could be bigger than estimated.

Daytime Activity: Some pests are active during the day while others are active during the night, and therefore, spotting pests when it is still bright is even more worrying. Observations made in the evening or at night are less likely to be an omen of a significant number of pests. Cockroaches or rodents are usually nocturnal, and seeing them during the day may indicate that their shelter is overcrowded, and they are forced to come out during the day.

Variety of Pests: If you find out that you have more than one pest, it means that you have a complex problem which can be solved with the help of a professional. One type of pest might point to several entry points and other lures that are hard to tackle without the assistance of a professional. The appearance of numerous pests frequently signifies some problem, which an experienced pest control company will be able to diagnose and solve effectively.

Pest Droppings and Odors

Droppings: Fecal matter is another sign that is often encountered when there is a pest infestation in a home or commercial building. These droppings can be observed on kitchen shelves, baseboards, attics, or any other dark corner of the house. Another method of pest identification is by analysing the size, shape and number of droppings left by the pests. For instance, rats produce round and small pellets, while cockroaches produce small and granular faecal matter.

Urine Trails: Rodents, mainly, are known to leave traces of their urine on the surface of the areas, which can be easily traced under a black light. Often, these trails detect their frequently traversed paths and nesting grounds. If there is a smell of urine or a sign of streaks or droppings, this is clear evidence that the rodents are there and need to be dealt with.

Unpleasant Odors: Bad odours such as mould, mildew, or dampness often suggest the possible invasion of pests. Rodents are well-known to produce a rather unpleasant odour that results from their urine, faeces, and debris from nests. Similarly, other insects, such as cockroaches, emit a foul smell of burnt almonds or a musty stink. These odours can spread within the areas affected by these pests, which is a clear indication of severe infestation. If the smells are bad and reoccurring, it is advisable to dig deeper and seek the services of a pest control company.

Strange Noises

Scratching Sounds: It is easy to tell you that you have pests such as rodents when you hear scratching or scampering sounds at night. As their name suggests these are animals that are most likely to move during the night and one is likely to hear them even from a distance. Such sounds may emanate from the attic or basement, where rodents make their home, or while they crisscross the walls.

Wall and Ceiling Activity: Noises produced behind walls or ceilings may signify that the pests are dwelling within these structures or are constantly in motion. Rodents are especially known to utilise the spaces between walls and ceilings for the construction of pathways in addition to using the spaces to build their nests. If you notice constant noise in these regions, then it is probable that the pests have colonised your house and are living inside its walls.

Gnawing Noises: Rodents such as rats and mice are notorious for chattering their teeth on materials, and this can generate various sounds. These squeaking sounds are produced when rodents or other pests are busy nibbling on wood, insulations and electrical wirings. It is a clear sign of their presence and a danger to the structure of the house and may cause fires. If the noises are persistent, you must seek professional help for extermination without delay, as this is a major issue.

Nests or Hives

Indoor Nests: Ants and other pests generally prefer to create their colonies in some parts of the house that are not easily visible, like the attic or basement or even between walls. These nests can be of any kind of material, such as paper, cloth, and even insulating materials like paper and cloth. This is because the nests are suggestive of a well-developed pest colony, which, in turn, translates to more breeding and spread of pests within the vicinity.

Outdoor Hives: The fact is the sight of hives around the territory shows that wasps or bees have been active. These hives can be located in the eaves, in trees, or in any other part of the sheltered area. Wasps and bees are dangerous insects that can cause various problems, especially for people who have allergies. The two are aggressive when provoked, and therefore, calling professional trappers is advisable to get rid of them and secure people against stings.

Increased Insect Activity: If you have observed increased flying insects in certain areas of your home, this could be a sign of nests or hives nearby. For example, you may find more bees, wasps, or other insects around the windows, doors, or any other exterior structures. This increased activity means that insects have made their nests nearby and need professional pest removal to identify and remove these hives to prevent potential infestations and provide a safe environment to live in.


The awareness of the signs that may point to the need for professional pest control in Colchester is something that should be understood to maintain the living environment safe and healthy. Some signs are easily observable insects, faeces and smells, sounds, cracks and gaps, nests or hives, signs of illness, and previous self-treatment attempts. These issues, if dealt with from the professional help aspect at an early stage, can be rectified before causing more harm and posing health risks. Hire professional pest control services to help you eradicate pest infestation and prevent such occurrences in future. If you observe any of the aforementioned symptoms, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional pest control agency to help maintain a pest-free environment in your home.

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