David Guetta: this reason why he divorced his ex-wife Cathy Guetta


When David announced their divorce in 2014, Cathy was inconsolable. “We were together 25 years, married 20 years. But David decided he wanted to change his life. I respect his decision.

Seen as an inseparable couple, David and Cathy Guetta announced their divorce in 2014, after 22 years of marriage. A break on which the businesswoman has explained herself in the past.

We are in 1989 when David Guetta meets the one who will become his wife: Catherine Lobé, better known since under the name of Cathy Guetta. Love at first sight then takes place, and both decide to get together. In 1992, the couple decided to take a new step, that of marriage. Inseparable, the two manage to build a veritable empire by organizing VIP parties all over the world.

Crazy in love with each other, David and Cathy Guetta welcomed two children: Tim Elvis born February 9, 2004 and Angie born in September 2007 . In 2012, they even decide to renew their wedding vows. However, when everything seemed to be going well in their couple, both decided to divorce in 2014 . Shocked by the news, Cathy Guetta decides to stop her professional career. A real blow for the mother of the family.

Why David and Cathy Guetta separated?

According to Cathy Guetta, it was her ex-husband who made the choice to end their relationship after “couple crises” . " Even if I saw myself growing old with him with a cane and our grandchildren, I do not consider that we have failed ", confided the businesswoman in the columns of Gala. "He left for reasons that concern him. But I had an unconditional love for him. I experienced an almost traumatic shock when our story ended . He was both my prince charming and my best friend , but I adapted," she added.

Finally, Cathy Guetta does not hide that her divorce was particularly successful, especially for her children. “ When we are with our children, we tell them about our beginnings, we create new memories all together ”, she declared last November in the columns of Public. A good agreement essential for the good of their family.

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