Change Management Dissertation Writing - Mistakes to Avoid for Success

While answering the change management dissertation questions, students have to display the relentless pace of transformation in a modern business environment. Such a transformation is driven by multiple factors, such as a shift in consumer preferences, globalisation, tech advancements, and more.

The Changing Point tells that 71% of employees are at risk of falling victim to misdirected activities because the newly changed plans are not relevant to their daily work routines. The market is expanding at a tremendous rate and performers feel overwhelmed during the change implementation process. Future Market Insights predicts this industry to grow exponentially at a CAGR of 8.9% by 2033. 

Although it may seem simple, devising strategies for change management dissertations is not an easy task for the majority of students. To avoid any unfavourable results, it is imperative for students to seek dissertation help from field experts. Professional writers are more qualified to guide the research and writing work in this field. 

Before moving on to the mistakes you should avoid while crafting your work, let’s first review a brief definition of this field. 

What Is Change Management in Simple Words?

The entire domain of change management deals with the people’s side of change. Prosci defines it as a process that applies a set of tools and a structured process to lead the change brought by people and achieve a desired outcome. In a change management dissertation, the writer essentially has to focus on the ways people can use and adopt a change in their routine work. 

It all happens in the three stages; approach preparation, change management & sustaining the outcomes. The tabular representation of the process is given here:

Major Change Management Dissertation Mistakes To Avoid

1. Don’t Choose a Topic That You Are Not Interested In

Are you aware that you shall have to spend a couple of months reading, writing and re-writing your dissertations on change management? You will not enjoy crafting your papers if you pick a topic that you are not interested in. Instead, choose a topic that you can sustain and stay interested in for the complete time of the final year. 

2. Don’t Start Too Late

You cannot go back and get more time to spend on your dissertation so ensure that you do not start too late. A dissertation is a time-consuming paper to write and you really need several months to finish it. So, start as early as you can, but once you have conducted your research, fully focus on crafting your work in the best possible manner. 

3. Don’t Postpone Your Research

Ensure that you start researching your dissertation topic as soon as it is assigned to you. If you think that you shall have enough time for your research later, you are going to end up confused and will have no time for your work. 

So, read around the subject, take notes, make mind maps, and research your dissertation title well before starting your research. Your change management dissertation structure should also be on point. 

4. Don’t Use Too Much Jargon

Although in university you learn how to use sophisticated terms in your course-specific papers, it shall be a mistake to use too much jargon in your work. If you can help craft your papers in simple language, you should do so because the primary reason for your work is to make the readers understand your perspective. 

5. Not Asking for Help

There is a reason why your dissertation advisor is there to help you – that is to say that you naturally need help when writing dissertations for change management. Do not hesitate to ask for help from them whenever you feel confused or stuck. 

They have crafted such papers themselves and reviewed them countless times, so it won’t be a problem for them to help you. 

What Are the 5 Key Elements of Change Management?

When you are working on the restructuring process in your change management dissertation, you shall have to deal with the 5 Rs of change. Per the definition of Turning Point Partners, these 5 R’s are the following:

  1. Resistance
  2. Redundancy
  3. Redeployment
  4. Re-engagement
  5. Retention

What Are the Cs of Change Management?

The three C’s of change management, as discussed in detail by Crestcom International, are the following:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Commitment

Effective change management is driven by these three factors. If people in an organisation or multinational corporation communicate the change management strategies, collaborate as team members, and commit to it, they can effectively manage the transition. 

What Are the 7 Rs of Change Management?

7 Rs of change management related to the seven basic questions that you can use to assess the change-related risks and check the effectiveness of your change management process. Checkify demonstrates these 7 Rs of change and the simple questions associated with it in this manner:

1. Raised – Who suggested the change?

2. Reason – What is the reason for the change?

3. Resources – What are the required resources for change?

4. Risks – What are the risks of the process? 

5. Responsibility – Who is responsible for the implementation of change?

6. Return – What return do you expect from the change process? 

7. Relationship – What’s the relationship between this change and any other proposed change? 

What are the 7R's of Change Management ? - ITIL 4 ...

Change Management Dissertation Examples

Here are 3 change management dissertation ideas that you can review to know about how to write a stellar dissertation on your chosen title:

  • How can the change management process be implemented in the digital age to counter the risks involved in internal marketing? Discuss all the strategies required to deliver the desired results via social media.  
  • Present a case study of global corporations and highlight the role of change management in post-merger integration.
  • Investigate the ways to enhance student learning outcomes by implementing change management in educational institutions. 

Change Management Dissertation Topics for 2024

The top 5 trending change management dissertation topics ideas to follow in 2024 are the following: 

  • Study the effectiveness of change management in driving sustainable change in government organisations. Discuss its role in the testing and implementing process of environmental policies. 
  • Discuss the study of software development teams in the human resource management of employees in the public sector.
  • Discuss the leadership styles in change management and provide a comparative analysis of the transactional and transformational leadership styles.
  • Highlight the risk management mistakes that help an organisation adopt the unexpected change events while fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.
  • Analyse the inclusion initiatives and the diversity that is a part of the change management process and required for an inclusive workplace. 


So, in summary, these are the mistakes to avoid when you are in the change management dissertation writing process. Plan your work well before you start the writing procedure and carefully review each chapter for mistakes. Once you finish your papers, you should revise them at least twice before the final submission. 

Have you been facing problems in writing your dissertation and do not understand why you are failing to keep your work up to the mark? Well, it is because it is challenging to craft exemplary work in one go. So, get help with a change management dissertation from a reliable dissertation writing agency whose writers ensure that your work meets the criteria set by your department.

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